PROJECT: Flexity
  • (website and platform)
YEAR: 2015

You know your website should be mobile-friendly. You’ve heard it from just about everyone including Wendy Clark, Hank Mondaka and probably your grandmother who wonders why she can’t "read your website on her telephone!” And even if you haven’t heard it from any of those sources, you can’t ignore how people walk around now bowed above their little glowing screens. Or ride the subway, bowed over their tiny glowing screens. Or drive in their cars, one hand on the wheel and one hand on their glowing screen (all right, maybe not that last one, we hope, but the point is made). Because like it or not, this is the way people view the internet. And like it or not, this is the way they see your website - through a tiny window into your business. So if your website doesn't look good on a smartphone, frankly, your business doesn’t look good at all.

Flexity, in partnership with MLCreative, was started to do one thing and one thing well: help clients convert their existing website to a mobile-friendly format, so it will look good, and professional, on a tiny screen. We do it quickly and cleanly, with clear communication, no costly redesign and no downtime. It's not a big deal. Most sites can be given a mobile design and converted in less than three weeks for a fraction of your current lost revenue.

It starts with a phone call, and a quick, free, no-obligation evaluation. Contact us to get yours today. Before your customers swipe you away.