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YEAR: 2015

Complete responsive website redesign.

Basic6 creates the end-to-end solution for connected lighting networks and remote management software platform for energy savings, proximity messaging, and location-based collection of business intelligence. Based in Westport, Connecticut, Basic6 combines their expertise in LiFi technology and the Internet of Things to create innovative connected LED solutions. .Named 'Best Startup' at Interop 2014 and one of the amazing advances in cloud technology by CIO Magazine, Basic6 strives to always deliver quality and excellence.

Basic6 collaborates with other visionary companies including the New York cloud company, Temboo.

Basic6 creates the connected network and remote management platform to utilize connected lighting networks for energy savings and the collection of business intelligence.

While we don't create the lights, we are actively partnering with lighting companies to be among the first in the industry to offer smart LiFi solutions. While the current focus is on retailing, the technology is well suited to other applications including car dealerships, hospitals, warehouses, and high security environments.